Our Monster Mum (My Monster Mom) : Just a Foresight for Everyone (Movie Review)

Now now now...how could we start off with "My Monster Mom" review, several analogies perhaps? Well, to put it bluntly, it is like the time when a person pukes and still have that nasty acidic after taste or the time when your mother forces you to eat those god-awful tasting vegetables or else. We thought "When Love Begins" was the worst flick ever...well, we were so, so, so wrong. Not even by a mile.

When a film starts off with a narrative, usually nothing good comes out of it. Now what more if its more than 15 minutes with the annoying, exaggerated voice of Ruffa at the helm? HELL, that's what it is!!! The start was shaky maybe the meat of the film could be good. Yeah right...it all went downhill from there.

If you like shouting fests for some sadistic reason then go ahead, sit back, relax and be in ranting heaven. For everyone else who are homo sapien sapiens, please, just avoid it like the plague. Nothing could be more "fun" than listening to everyone shouting about anything and everything. "Talk about girlfriends...let's shout!" "Hey, my son has just woken up, I'll shout at him!" "Go see the neighbors, heck let's shout again!" If it's not Annabelle Rama's ear-piercing, monotonous (now who would have thought shouting out loud could be one long tone! Wow! Now that's some Emmy-rated acting skills...NOT!!!), foul-mouthed bickering, Ruffa Gutierrez would take her place, if not her...just choose anyone, promise...they'll shout their lungs out even by a few lines. Hell, even the bouncer at the bar has the "Shout-every-sentence" syndrome. Watching the film was really, really annoying, dragging. We cried literally since our ears hurt already and we couldn't take much more of it(going back to that puke analogy).

When people were not shouting, they acted badly...really badly. Nothing could annoy you more than hearing Ruffa trying so hard to be conyo. It's so fake that anyone could actually trump her. We're not sure if we liked her trying to be conyo or just trying to be herself; honestly, both were just a hellish experience. As for her mom, what a monstrous performance. You have to see it to believe it. Is Annabelle an actress? Now talk about a fallacy. This movie when not annoying you with their nonstop shouting will just annoy just with its acting and lines. It's just so wrong. Why would anyone actually release this?

We envy our fans who don't live in the Philippines; you won't even get a chance to see this incomprehensible film. Now, believe us, we give all support to Philippine cinema. It's really sad to see this piece of...come out. Nothing could hold back Philippine cinema more but by releases like these. Please stop being greedy-minded producers and directors. People will come just as long as you prove you are worthy of their time and their hard-earned pockets by making great stories, by getting good actors, by the best scripts not by the glitz and glamor people can bring. With all prices going up, this is just a crime and a sin to society. We don't condone this film, never will and never will be! Now any takers to our verdict?

Rating : It's not worthy of any rating! It's off the charts...in the wrong way that is.
Us about to enter the movie theater and watch the film.

Why you should watch it :
- please if really you love life and if you really love yourself or anyone you intend to bring with you,just don't ok?

Why you shouldn't watch it :
- need we say more?

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