A Clockwork Orange: Underground Movie Review

Stanley Kubrick is probably one of the most controversial and famous directors of all time. May we dare say that he can be even compared to Alfred Hitchcock par none. A lot of people are saying that "A Clockwork Orange" is his finest work as a film director and this review will simply dwell into that topic and determine if truly, "A Clockwork Orange" is as great as it sounds on paper.

The story is centered on Alex DeLarge (Malcolm Mcdowell) and his life as a naturally born no good-doer. The film starts off showing us Alex with his gang of hoodlums. It shows us the violent and evil nature that is somehow innate in Alex. A twist of events happen though when Alex is betrayed by his friend
s and he is caught by the police and sent to prison. There we see how Alex will become so desperate to free himself from jail that he will voluntarily be part of an experiment that will cure any bad person of any evil deeds. The story is centered on Alex's carefree attitude, sudden downfall, cure and finally a return to being his old evil self.

So what can we say about Kubrick's classic? Well it is a stunner in every sense of the word. Stunning in both its story and how controversial it truly is up until this age. First, the story is really something else. Maybe because it was based on a novel but still, this is a story that screams classic! Second, connected with the story is the themes used in the story. What we really liked was how it showed that the "utter obedience" and lack of choice of Alex in the latter parts of the film is in itself immoral and cruel to say the least. This film is full of philosophical and political inquiries that it is just beyond what a normal person would consume in a movie. Third, we also liked the images and cinematography used. It was quirky yet appropriate for the film. Every scene was well thought off and just exuberates a sense of preparedness. The major downside for this film though is actually dependent on the viewer. The film thrived with nudity, sex and violence. This is a film not for the weak-hearted as it shows realistic scenes of rape, sex and gore. Overall, the film is a movie that every person should see before they die. This is just one of the greatest ever made in our opinion. So go on, buy or rent this one but just remember, this is rated R and kids should avoid this at all costs!

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- it has a rather interesting story/plot
- the cinematography is one of the best we have ever seen
- philosophical and political inquiries that will make you think, think, THINK!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you are a kid
- if you cannot induce realistic scenes of violence



  1. A Clockwork Orange is a timeless Classic.

    Malcolm McDowell's performance was iconic.

    Stanley Kubrick was indeed one of the greatest directors that ever lived

  2. Hi Rama,

    Thanks for commenting!

    Will review another on of Kubrick's classics. Wait for it in the coming weeks! :)

  3. I have always said that this was Kubrick's best movie, the use of the soundtrack with the acts of violence is superb. A mixture of Beethoven and ultra-violence, outstanding!

  4. Hi there Blazing Minds!

    Yes, we totally agree!

    We never saw classical music mixed up with violence. Well not before this one!

    Thanks for the comment! Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hi there.

    I've never seen this movie but i will certainly watch the movie in the coming days.

  6. I proudly own a DVD copy of that film (orig. Warner Home Video)

    Even if the choreographed "ultra-violence" may come off as Power-Rangerish to this Saw-spoiled generation, the sensuous PD work remains stunning to this very day.

  7. Hi Leo Mar!

    Hope you could watch this soon! Please do give us feedback on how was it if you have the time! :)

  8. Hi there Dayuhangkayumanggi!

    Thanks for commenting!

    For us, we own the Bluray version of the film and it is good to know that there are still people left who condone getting "the real version" of DVDs.

    Honestly, were part of the Saw Generation. But seeing film classics like this one has changed our perspective on what truly makes a good movie from being truly a masterpiece.

    Hope you could give a link next time so we could also visit your site/blog if you have one. :)