Yes Man: Movie Review

Jim Carrey has been sort of aloof in recent years. It seems either he has been exploring other mediums in acting than just making funny, contorted faces and just being plain weird or he has simply lost his touch. With "Yes Man", Jim Carrey tries to go back to his roots; the Jim Carrey that every boy and girl from the Nineties remember. As we have said, this is not the serious Jim Carrey starring in melodramatic, psychothrillers but the Jim Carrey that seems to be a kid who was pumped up on Red Bull, coffee, sugar and God knows what more that can make you really, really hyper! Will "Yes Man" be worth the risk for Jim Carrey even if he goes back to his primitive style of acting? Well let us see!

"Yes Man" stars a man named Carl (Jim Carrey) who is a bank loaner and a divorced man. Carl has opted to just say "No!" to any social event due to the fact that he wants to avoid accidentally meeting up with his ex-wife. This makes obviously Carl a loner and somewhat unhappy with his life. One day though, he meets up with his officemate Nick and invites him to join a seminar. In this seminar, Carl is confronted by the leader of a new motivational philosophy and makes him say a covenant to himself; that is to say "Yes!" to every situation when asked upon. Carl indeed follows this promise of self to the word and this is where his dastardly adventures begins.

For the movie, we have to say we were utterly surprised. We have to be honest on this one, "Yes Man" has been receiving a somewhat lukewarm reception around the internet. More or less, people have been saying it was a failure for Sir Jim Carrey. But for us, we have to say a different tune to what people have been saying. "Yes Man" may not be the best comedy out there or it may not have the most brilliant or most original storyline out there but when it came to making us laugh, it did its job amazingly. It was not only with Jim Carrey's faces but it was also the witty one-liners that come out suddenly. The film was also an eye-opener for the both of us. We really saw how we missed out on a lot of stuff just by being too preoccupied with everything else that did not matter. Some people may not like "Yes Man" we are pretty sure about that. But like what the movie is all about, just say "Yes!" to "Yes Man" and you might get what you did not expect! F-U-N!

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- it is the old Jim Carrey at work!
- amazingly, even with the absurd plot,
- can be truly a motivational film and eye-opener for people

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you are sick and tired of the Jim Carrey!
- quite similar to "Liar, Liar"
- some events were seem forced into the film just to make the story move on a different path

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