He's Just Not That into You: Movie Review

Yet only two months after the New Year, another film based on a book is released. The first is "Marley and Me" which received a very lukewarm review from us. "He's Just Not That into You" is another book-based film. The book is unbeknowsnt to most Pinoys (we are assuming this) and this film has the same status. We had no idea about this film and its content but based on the poster, it looked like it had potential. Well, we will just have to see if truly, we are going to be "into" it.

"He's Just Not That into You" centers on nine people. All of them are somewhat interconnected on some level and most of them just do not know it. They also have individual problems that primarily centers on love. There is Janine and Ben who are struggling with their marriage. Ben is in love with another girl named Anna while Conor is in love with Anna. On the other side of the table, Beth and Neil are a couple who has been "on" for seven years already. Beth wants to get married since their second anniversary while Neil just hates the marriage ideology. The next two persons are Gigi and Mary and are both single. Gigi is obsessed in finding a guy; she got "crazy" when Conor dumped her on their first date. Mary on the other hand struggles to have personal contact with guys. She just talks to them via Social networking sites, phones and the like. The final person in this contrived plot is Alex who is a bartender and a genius in observing the "cues" of people specifically on dating.

Now moving onwards to the review, the film was just confusing. Just read our plot synopsis, it is just complicated and confusing. What's up with the interconnectedness anyway? Did it help us know the people involved more? No! Was it significant on the overall plot and ending of the film? Absolutely not! For us, it was more of the film trying to be cool and failing utterly. Second boo boo for the film is tagging it as a romantic comedy. There was romance for sure but where were the laughs? Most of the content was too serious and too mature. This is a film with a lost identity! Although one thing we could say about this film is that it became interesting as a representation of the different struggles people undertake just to find love like how Gigi became desperate or Janine trying to truly fix her lost marriage. This film had a basic plot that had wonderful potential. Sad to say it choked big time when it  came to implementing it. With that, we just couldn't get "into" the film and most will not too! 

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- it is a sad, sad dose of the reality of searching for that right person
- the basic plot was kind of original and interesting

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it is too convoluted and rather confusing
- forced its characters to be interwoven with each other which note, did not have any significant effect on most of the storyline
- we thought this was a romantic comedy? where are the laughs?



  1. This is a funny movie, I seen it a couple of days ago -- recommended!

  2. Hi Robert!

    We are glad you liked the film! Not funny for us though! Maybe we have a different kind of humor than yours? :)

  3. Hi Schizoshrink!

    Thanks for the comment! Hopefully you can tell us what you feel about the film after watching it. :)

  4. I cannot just say that its a good movie neither say that its a bad one!.Group of casting actors was well selected.But I felt as if the storyline was a bit complicated (and boring too).I felt like I am watching an episode of FRIENDS.Considering the movie's story and its effects i would rate it 6/10.You may watch this movie but may not get full entertainment