Milk: Movie Review

"Milk" is a film that has receive a lot of rave reviews since late last year and we were seriously afraid that all of this upbeat news might over hype us in a way. Well, somethings are just great whatever you do or whatever you hear. Milk to say the least is one of those things and more. "Milk" is the must watch this week and that is saying something as it contends with other two big contenders around the Metro namely, "Marley and Me" (which we will review soon enough, we promise!) and "Seven Pounds".

"Milk" revolves around the later years of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) through his rise and sudden fall as California's first openly gay man elected into public office. The first part of the film deals with Harvey's relationship with Scott Smith (James Franco) and his years as a normal gay citizen in San Francisco. Harvey though cannot take the blatant abuse towards homosexuals and opts to be a activist. Pretty soon, Harvey has taken lead within San Francisco's gay community and soon he wants to run for a public office position. Harvey loses twice before he wins on his third try. As a public figure, Harvey Milk faces opposition as conservatives wants to put into place Proposition 6; a law when enforced will ban homosexuals or those who support them to serve as public school teachers.

As for "Milk", you can deduce from what we said earlier that this is just a superb and wonderful film. From the acting to the plot development to the cinematography, everything was just flawless. You have to see Sean Penn for yourselves; he was just blooming as Harvey Milk. If we did not know he was a guy in real-life, we would think he was naturally a gay. The same can be said for all of the cast. The cinematography was also well done. San Francisco just looked retro and had the right feel. Finally, we really liked how the film unfolded and how it was told through the perspective of Harvey narrating his will. We can find nothing bad about "Milk" but well maybe for the homophobics out there, you might want to avoid this. It has lots of gay men kissing and cavorting each other. Luckily, not as explosive as "Brokeback Mountain" but still pretty close when it comes to the cringe factor. Anyway, we promise you, "Milk" will be the best buy this week and not only that, you will be amazed and inspired on how Harvey Milk changed America.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the whole setup of Harvey Milk narrating the story of his later life through his will is just brilliant
- Sean Penn is just superb as Harvey Milk; he truly was into the character!
- the production and cinematography was just perfect
- truly an inspirational film not only for homosexuals but even normal people alike

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you are a bit homophobic...please avoid...which we mean there is nothing we can find bad with this film.



  1. Hi Reel advice team, I will watch this film. Thanks for your "advice" hahaha :)

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  3. This film looks so good! I'm really looking forward to watching it. Thanks for the review.