Bruno: Movie Review

Sacha Baron Cohen shocked the world with "Borat"as it presented a comedic form that no one has ever seen before and it actually made a lot of money. It was a humor that was so dirty, so controversial and so provocative that it just became an even more fun-filled experience. Now, 3 years after, Sacha Baron Cohen is back with "Bruno" to give us another taste of his unique kind of humor. Can an Austrian gay fashionista beat its Kazakh reporter of a forefather?

Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) is the host of a television show about fashion in Europe. Unfortunately for him, he made a big boo-boo at the Milan fashion week by disrupting a major fashion show. Due to this, Bruno is cast out of the fashion scene and finds himself jobless. Now, Bruno has decided that he needs to renew his lost fame and fortune by going to Los Angeles. Bruno is up to no good as he desperately wants to become world famous and will do anything and everything just to receive some attention in America.

If you found "Borat" a shocking experience then you have seen nothing yet. "Bruno" truly is more offensive in every sense of that word. Sacha Baron Cohen is just a wonderful actor to watch when he is in his best and we all must admit - he makes a damn good impression of any stereotypical character he wants to copy. The bad thing with "Bruno" though is that it seems to have a similar repeat of "Borat". Like "Borat", Bruno has an assistant, they fight and leave each other in the middle of the film and so on and so forth. We were even more disappointed that there were a lot of big and small cuts made for the Philippine release. The transition of cuts was good considering how former films fared but one cut was too obvious because you will wonder how the heck Bruno got a baby suddenly! So the big question on a lot of people's mind is, "Is it any better than "Borat"? We cannot really say - we both have mixed feelings honestly. All we know is we enjoyed our time and we were laughing from start to finish. If you did love the "Borat" humor, then you will love “Bruno” too but if it wasn’t your cup of tea to begin with, then do not end up wasting your time on this one.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- this makes Borat look like a PG movie with its more controversial material and humor
- should make you cringe and yet laugh most of the time

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- if you did not like "Borat" then stay away from "Bruno" even more
- will certainly tick off very sensitive or close minded people

We would like to thank Viva International Pictures for bringing "Bruno" here in the Philippines. Catch "Bruno" starting September 2, 2009 in all cinemas across the Metro.

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  1. watch the uncensored mtrcb version! your rating will go down! trust me!

  2. Hi Euge!

    Long time no hear!

    Where did you get to watch this uncensored version?

    Was a lot really missing?