Tarot: Movie Review

No matter how bad the reviews of "Tarot", we are pretty sure that it will still rake in thousands because it stars today’s biggest celebrity (arguably), Marian Rivera. We were actually not surprised that there was a pretty decent number of viewers in the theater with us despite getting the feel that this movie is not going to be that good. Regal Films is pretty known for horror movies particularly through its "Shake, Rattle and Roll" glory days way back then, but they are not exactly horror masterpieces. Let us see if the movie will be good enough to surprise us.

Kara(Marian Rivera) has the ability to predict things that will happen using her grandmother’s tarot cards. It has been years since she last used her gift but she saw the need to dig up the cards again when her fiancé, Miguel(Dennis Trillo), goes missing in a hiking trip. Her tarot prediction rescues Miguel but then, terrifying things start to happen. One by one, the people around her are put into danger and starts getting killed. Kara now needs to find out what the dark spirit wants and how to put an end to this curse of the Tarot.

In all honesty, we were pleasantly surprised that the movie didn’t turn out as bad as we expected it to be. This could either be because of two things. First is that it is possible that we expected it to really bomb or there are really physical good points for the movie. We believe that it could be more of the latter. The movie had quite a decent story and there were some scenes that made us jump out of our seats (props to the excellent sound effects). However, the story quite reminded us of horror films from Regal Films years ago. They seem to come up with pretty much the same material that there was nothing new to "Tarot", except probably the cast. We couldn’t say anything about Marian Rivera’s acting. She was pretty good and very beautiful on the big screen but at times, her voice can irritatingly hurt your ears. Dennis Trillo is easily replaceable. Although this movie is not so bad over-all, we recommend that you just wait for its TV premier as it may not be worth your money.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you are fond of horror films wherein you will jump out of your seats without expecting much in the story
- can be a good barkada movie

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- you may end up wasting your P150-200
- very rehashed story of old films

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  1. this movie is horrible. p50 is not even worth it. --just being objective.

  2. Hi Carlo,

    Too bad you didn't enjoy the film. Such is the case with most pinoy mainstream films!