Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie: Movie Review

The television show "Bubble Gang" has entertained us weekly for more than a decade already and its influence with Philippine pop culture has never faded. Nothing proves this more accurate with the “Ang Spoiled” phenomenon starring Yaya and Angelina. First, it was just a small segment at "Bubble Gang" then the tandem of Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. starred on their own game show. This does not stop there as now, they have their own movie to boot with “Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie”. What could they offer this time that would be different from their usual segment in "Bubble Gang"? Let’s see if the awesome duo can still give us something fresh to laugh about.

The movie starts off with a couple on a hunt for a nanny that can stand their spoiled kid Angelina (Ogie Alcasid). They hire Rosalinda (Michael V), a patient yaya who thinks Angelina is the sweetest and nicest kid around – until Angelina plays her practical jokes on her. Angelina’s pranks ended up having her yaya fired. A few days after, terrorists who plan on kidnapping the Duchess of Wellington accidentally kidnaps Angelina as well when they steal a school bus. It is now up to yaya to save Angelina from the kidnappers.

“Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie” will leave you scratching your head as to why this was even released. To sum it all up, there are a lot more times that you will yawn in boredom than you will laugh – and to think this is a comedy right?. The basic plot is screaming out Nineties – one of the main characters gets kidnapped while the other saves the day. We can say that the film had its moments but it is not worth the ticket price for the lackluster experience overall. Joke upon joke do not save a film alone. This is a venture for the “Ang Spoiled” franchise that is a total fail. Our advice - just watch it on television weekly for free than to pay up for this film.

Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- strictly for hardcore "Ang Spoiled" fans only

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- will leave you snoring than laughing in most parts
- dumb down plot is the typical thing we have seen again and again
- better off to watch "Ang Spoiled" for free than to watch this and pay up.

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  1. you can already tell by merely watching the trailer. good thing I didn't waste my money on it. I'm stil a fa, though!

  2. Hi Badong,

    Yep, we are still fans. This is just a minor setback for Yaya and Angelina I'm sure.

    Thanks for dropping a comment.

  3. the movie really suckssss...nakatulog pa nga ako eh

  4. Hi Boy Kalawang,

    We almost fell asleep as well...a total waste of money and most especially time!