Babe, I Love You: Movie Review

We have another Star Cinema movie showing and it is no surprise that we kept hearing a song with the same title on the radio and TV airwaves. This time, we have the a remake of the classic song "Babe, I Love You" as the film's title. Sam Milby and Anne Curtis helm as the lead stars of the film. With Star Cinema showcasing nothing but one popular love team after another in their latest movies, we could not help but wonder what could be different this time around. We might have given up on the thought that they actually spend a lot of time on the story but maybe, the chemistry between this real life couple (or not?) could be the thing missing in Star Cinema’s latest, not-so-good offerings like "Paano na Kaya" and "Miss You Like Crazy". If you ask us, Star Cinema is on a rut since the start of 2010 - maybe the sloppy production values are now catching up on them. Let’s see if they could score a surprisingly high rating with this movie. Read on to find out.

Promo girl Sasa (Anne Curtis) and a highly respected university professor Nico (Sam Milby), first met when the former rescues the latter from muggers. This rescue gives Sasa a neck injury so Nico had no choice but to drive her around. Despite their differences, they fall in love as they spend more time with each other. Conflict arises when Nico discovers Sasa’s dark past. He finds this difficult to accept but then he realizes that he too, is haunted everyday by his own mistakes from years back.

Despite people saying that this movie is actually pretty good, we could not help but disagree big time. Yes, Anne and Sam look really cute together in the big screen but we would not give a good rating for cuteness alone. Feast your eyes on Anne Curtis and her tube tops and short shorts but beyond this, there is nothing much the movie can offer. Some scenes, especially the dramatic ones were given extra long minutes which bored us to death. The story is not half bad though. The best thing about the movie is that some scenes were funny which kept the mood light most of the time. We would not recommend spending money or even your time for this movie. If you’ll be waiting for it in local cable, make sure you are a big Anne Curtis or Sam Milby fan to make this movie worth it.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- some scenes are witty enough to definitely win the hearts of masses
- if you want to see Anne Curtis wearing almost nothing half of the time

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- really boring and dragging
- a very shallow film

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  1. i agree that the story did not have enough substance to compete with other quality movies that Star Cinema did before. This year's Miss You Like Crazy was not good because the acting there was weak, and the characters were underdeveloped.

    however, for Babe, I Love You, i think they deserve two reels, like the JL - Bea movie. Both movies were just so-so... :)

  2. Hi Gwapa,

    May we know what you felt about Babe I Love You if you don't mind? You gave a great insight on Miss You Like Crazy!

    Thanks for your comment though! We hope to hear from you soon!