Buried: Movie Review

When we saw the poster of "Buried" a few days back, we were intrigued from the get-go. From what we understand, the premise is a guy being trapped in a coffin six feet under. Now how the heck would they present this we wanted to know badly. Was it going to be shot in the coffin only? Was it going to be like the recently released "Devil" in which there were scenes inside the elevator and scenes outside it? The latter is the safer choice but probably won't make much of an impact while the first one is a very risky move. You can find out what the director decided to do with "Buried" (and most importantly if it worked or not) after the jump.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up finding himself buried six feet underground. Not knowing what happened or why he is even there, Paul struggles to survive with only a few items littered inside the very tiny coffin. A cellphone in Arabic and a Zippo lighter are his only tools to the outside world. With the cellphone rapidly draining its battery life and his oxygen level slowly dwindling, Paul goes deeper and deeper into panic and despair. He only has 90 minutes before he dies. Will he survive or will he die?

"Buried" is one hell of a film and this is no small feat considering that it was composed of nothing but shots inside a coffin. Yeah, you read that right the first time - no sunlight, no sky, no people. In a time were CGI and 3D graphics rule, "Buried" does the complete opposite by being overly simple in its presentation. Are we complaining? Definitely not! In fact, it works so well as the coffin itself makes you feel really, really claustrophobic. In the center of it all though is Ryan Reynolds. "Buried" showcases pure, raw talent. Without him, "Buried" won't be believable at all. The way he acted was natural and nerve-wracking. In the end, "Buried" will surprise you not only because of its great ending but because it will shatter the way you see and appreciate films. Rodrigo Cortés dared to be different and thank God he did.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Ryan Reynolds downright showed his talent in "Buried"
- the single setting works and works wonders

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- you might hate the idea of it being inside a coffin the whole time



  1. Hi!
    Thanks for this wonderful review. It really sounds like it came from the horse's mouth. And the fact that my favorite actor Ryan Reynolds is there only adds up to the excitement I feel for this movie. I hope it won't disappoint me. Thanbks again! I'll be reading more from your blog

  2. Watched the trailer and I find it quite intriguing. The fact that Ryan Reynolds's character's experience is allegedly posted on YouTube, it's gonna be awesome. Reynolds is an amazing actor and he will pull this off (haven't seen the movie yet.)

  3. I saw its trailer the last time me and my friends watched a movie, and it definitely caught my attention. And now, after reading your review and rating, I'm now a 100% sure I'd watch this movie.

  4. My friends have seen it last week and they all were praising about this movie. I will definitely watch this one when my next off will come.

  5. you actually gave it 5 reels?! :)) i liked it but not that much :)) my parents were so tired after the movie, soooo hilarious :)) my mom was having a panic attack since she's claustro :))))))