Driving, Anger and Nicolas Cage Equals Awesome

Nicolas Cage. The man who we consider as unpredictable. Unpredictable in the sense that one day, he stars in action films that are praise-worthy and then the next he will be in one that shouldn't have seen the light of day. In 2011, Nicolas Cage stars yet in another film that seems to be so unfathomable it might just become good. "Drive Angry" has a weird name but even a weirder plot. Milton (Nicolas Cage) forces his way out of hell to save his granddaughter from being sacrificed by the cult who also murdered his daughter. He has 3 days before it is too late. While this is happening, the devil himself is out to get Milton and send him back to hell. Catch the premiere trailer of "Drive Angry" after the jump.

Not much can be seen from the trailer but it looks explosively fun. Still, we can't move on from "Drive Angry" sounding a little too close to "Ghost Rider" and we all know how that went. "Drive Angry" will be shown February 11, 2011.



  1. In Hollywood Nicolas Cage is my Favorite Action hero. i have seen almost all his movies. I think this movie will also going to proof that cage is cage.....

  2. Drive Angry is a movie with some unpredictable twists. This is action movie so I think action lovers will like it. The performances of main lead characters are very nice. I find this movie one time watch. Thanks for the review.