Reel Advice's Top Ten Movies of 2010

2010 is surely one of the best years for movies. This year, our blog was able to review over a hundred movies. This is the list that compiles our top 10 favorites. If you haven't seen any of these yet, you can check out our reviews of these by clicking their movie titles.

Finally, we would like to thank our readers for all the support and making us a finalist in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. Onwards to a new year and a new decade of more movie-watching.

1. Inception
Sick of hearing how "Inception" was a mind-fuck? Well, it truly is and no one can deny how well-made it was. In fact, countless interpretations arose and all of them makes sense. The story and the mythology of "Inception" catches you not only because it is new but it is also believable. No one would dare wake up if dreams can be as good as "Inception" portrays it to be.

2. Buried
"Buried" is a film that takes place in a single wooden coffin and yet you can feel the tension every single bit. This film tries to break what is comfortable for most, and succeeds flawlessly. Plus an ending that will shock you caps everything off.

3. Toy Story 3
The Toy Story saga finally ends after more than a decade since the second film was released. That long wait was definitely worth it. Everything was perfect - literally. Don't forget to bring some tissue for all the tears you will be shedding. Bravo Pixar for being brilliant again and again and again.

4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
"Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs" was a surprise hit when it came out. Everything sounds so weird and yet, this peculiarity makes this film standout from everyone else.

5. RPG: Metanoia
The first fully 3D animated film made by Filipinos is a complete success. A great story with production values rarely seen locally, "RPG: Metanoia" breaks the mediocrity most film outfits delve into. This is a film that all Filipinos will be proud off.

6. Devil
7. Sherlock Holmes
8. The Blind Side
9. How To Train Your Dragon
10. Despicable Me

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