The Rite: Movie Review

In this day and age, it is hard to believe in demons and devils. In fact, science and medicine would probably attribute these so-called "bad spirits" to mental disillusions and not possession. "The Rite" is a film that touts to be inspired by true events. The film being based on a book detailing the author's experience when he sat down and attended the Vatican's exorcism school. Interesting right? Given all the exorcism films being shown left and right, "The Rite" has a heck of a job to do if it wants to convince us. Well, you can read on to find out if we think "The Rite" is hogwash or not.

Michael Kovak (Colin O' Donoghue) is a young seminary struggling to become a priest because of his lack of faith. His Father Superior thinks otherwise and sends the young man to Rome to attend exorcism school at the Vatican. Still, Michael has his doubts on matters of God and the devil and he is introduced to an unorthodox priest named Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins). Father Lucas introduces Michael to the dark side of the faith and tries to convince him that the Devil is real and that even though he does not believe in it, this does not mean that it cannot hurt him. When Michael starts to hear and see things that are signs of a possession, the young man must face the reality that the things he thought were fake might not be so.

"The Rite's" atmosphere was its moneymaker. To be honest, the whole film was creepy and scary so as a horror film, it was truly effective. Although we felt that it also dumbed itself down to the usual tricks we see from horror films. But what we liked most from "The Rite" is how it portrayed the Holy Men we usually look up to. We all have to be honest, most probably forget that priests are humans too. They laugh and cry, they desire and sin like all of us. "The Rite" unfolds that reality seamlessly especially in the viewpoint of its main character Michael Kovak. He is studying to be a priest and yet he lacks faith in God. What's bad with "The Rite" is that it suffers with a story that's hard to swallow. It had a great vision and yet it failed to expound further on it. Ironically, it's not the supernatural parts we found unbelievable but in the normal, usual events that took place. "The Rite" will give you a right amount of chills and thrills to make it good although we don't see it being out-of-the-box.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the atmosphere was truly creepy and scary most of the time
- brings a human side to the Holy men Catholics usually look up to

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story was quite preposterous
- still had moments were it was a rehash of old exorcism films

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