Drive Angry: Movie Review

Nicolas Cage - we love him as much as we hate him. The actor's career seems to be on a silly roller coaster ride but more recently, it seems that it has been more downhill. It really boggles us why Nicolas Cage has chosen movies that on paper alone are obviously career destroyers. Is he out to blow his own career and reputation to smithereens? "Drive Angry" is probably one of this films. The title may sound bad-ass but the plot and the trailer show that the actual movie is the complete opposite. But who knows? There were recent B-movie/grindhouse-inspired films that have proven to be great. Read on to find out if "Drive Angry" will bring a positive note into Nicolas Cage's struggling career.

Milton (Nicolas Cage) has escaped the clutches of Hell to prevent a cult from sacrificing his granddaughter. The cult is led by Jonah King (Billy Burke),a self-proclaimed messiah, who believes that the sacrifice will give him unlimited power. Milton has two days before the sacrifice happens. Along the way, he gets the help of Piper (Amber Heard), a woman struggling to find direction in her life. Making things more complicated, Milton is being pursued by "The Accountant" (William Fichtner) - Satan's assistant who wants to bring Milton back to where he came from.

"Drive Angry" is a pure grindhouse film. It features a lot of gore, mutilation and sex. The B-movie feel may turn on some people but with a movie that flounders to really capture your attention (even with its most over-the-top sequences), we think people should happily pass-up "Drive Angry". The main problem we see with "Drive Angry" is it tries too hard to the point that it fails to feel natural at all. We actually cannot determine if the material was made with mediocrity or with so much love and detail that everything feels so forced. We also hated the clueless way the plot was revealed - half of the time we just couldn't relate to what was happening on-screen. By the time the back story was completed, it was a little too late - Too bad that it had a pretty unique take on Satan and Hell. There are a lot of better films in the B-movie genre. "Drive Angry" fails to make a compelling reason on why people should be interested on it.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- gore, action and sex might make this interesting to some people

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- all the over-the-top action won't save a film that has no clear direction
- poorly-developed plot makes you feel out-of-place a majority of the time

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