Optical Media Board says “BAWAL KUMOPYA”

"Bawal Kumopya!” is the Optical Media Board's latest imperative in cooperation with the Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council (MPAFPC) against those attempting to copy and sell pirated version of motion pictures and recordings. OMB’s campaign against piracy has hit viral stage during the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival. Vouching for the effective results of the recent anti-piracy operations is the country’s Anti-Piracy Council which stated that the accumulated box-office gross of the film festival’s entries reached 540 million in 14 day. This is the second time that the OMB has participated in the MMFF parade.

Currently in place is OMB’s information campaign wherein the group makes the rounds in barangay levels and in campuses. As an actor and producer, Mr. Ricketts states that it helped that he knows the industry’s problems and thus allows him to come up with effective solutions on protecting it against piracy.

We here at Reel Advice Movie Reviews support the anti-piracy campaign of our local government. We must realize that piracy is stealing and in piracy, the thing we love most (watching movies of course!) may soon disappear if we don't stop doing it.

You can visit the OMB’s upgraded website at www.omb.gov.ph

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