Joel Torre, Cebu and Palawan in the Action Film Deep Gold

“Deep Gold” from Bigfoot Entertainment headlines actresses Bebe Pham and Jaymee Ong. As you would have read from this article's title, Joel Torre will also be featured in a very notable role. “Deep Gold” was filmed entirely in the scenic islands of Cebu and Palawan where a champion free-diver Amy (Bebe Pham) and her sister Jess (Jaymee Ong) are entrapped in a web of lies on the disappearance of a government plane carrying a fortune in gold. Amy gets involved as she tries to find her boyfriend who disappeared along with the fortune. “Deep Gold” promises to feature 3D action sequences, including spectacular underwater footage using the shooting tank located at Bigfoot facilities in Cebu. Catch the trailer of "Deep Gold" after the break.

“Deep Gold’ opens in local cinemas on August 31, 2011 from Bigfoot Entertainment.
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