What's Your Number?: Movie Review

Let's all be honest here - "What's Your Number?" has one of the worst premises ever. Gal reads in a women's magazine that having 20 partners mean doom for her chances of getting married. Gal decides she needs to find all of her ex-boyfriends and see if any one of them are still eligible and if so, she will "court" and marry the dude. Problem solved! Amazingly, even with the awkwardly weird story, we still had high hopes for "What's Your Number?". After watching it though, the plot was just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath is a film rife with serious flaws. In fact, everything in this movie feels like a sin to film. We did not expect "What's Your Number?" to win any awards but it still did exceed our expectations of suckage.

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) has yet to find a guy that is husband material. All of the guys she dates seems to exploit Anna's naivety to their non-commital attitude. One day, she finds out that statistically, women who has had relationships with 20 guys or more have a 96% chance of never getting married. She counts all of the men she dated and finds out that her number is 19. Ally schemes an outrageous plan in which she will find the perfect guy from her ex-boyfriends - a task easier said than done. Ally employs the help of her playboy neighbor Colin Shea (Chris Evans) who's expertise is to find people using the internet.

Watching "What's Your Number?" is torture to anyone's intellect. The plot alone doesn't make any sense and isn't how normal humans think and react. And worse, the film doesn't make an effort to change this fact. As the story develops, it just gets deeper into mental depravity. For example, no one stops Ally even though she uses up all of her savings on trips across the country and she's unemployed. Where are her friends, her sister, her mother? They know what she plans to do and yet, no one helps her. Although the film did make an effort to show a lesson on love (Ally finally realizes that a mere statistic does not define love and finding the perfect guy in your life is the key to ultimate happiness no matter how many guys you need to go through), it's completely reversed by the very last scene. Ally discovers a technicality with one of her ex-boyfriends and her total count goes down by one man. Celebration ensues of course. This was totally unnecessary if you ask us. As for Anna Faris and Chris Evans, both had chemistry but it does not translate to an interesting or funny film. The film had a running time of around 90 minutes but it felt 2 and a half hours of slow of failed humor and long dialogues. The film falls flat with its comedy employing either old tricks or non-witty lines. If you ask us, "What's Your Number?" should have been shelved from the get-go but it did get the green light and yet, it seems that no one even tried to make it better.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- if you want to waste your time and money then this is a must!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- a stupid premise made worse by not being funny or interesting at all



  1. It's a nice movie. I have watched it. Liked the actress very much. thanks