Won't Last A Day Without You: Movie Review

From the get-go, everything about "Won't Last A Day Without You" screams rehash. Do we need to point out that this is another film in countless local romcoms that are released every few weeks? The title alone is unoriginal - again using an old love song as its main title (and of course, lest we forget, as the movie's theme song). It's time like this that you really wish local films be more daring, be more palatable to your senses. Imagine our surprise though when we actually watched it. Gone were the assumptions that this is another half-baked attempt to cash in on the masses "quench" for love teams and fairy tale stories. Though there are times that the movie threads the old beaten path, it also dares to do much more than the usual romcom.

George Harrison Apostol (Sarah Geronimo) or better known as DJ Heidee is fast becoming the most popular DJ in town with her segment Heartbreak Hotline. DJ Heidee gives love advice to those who are having trouble with their relationships. Most often than not, she advices her callers to break up with their partners instead of working things out first. One caller (Megan Young) complains about her playboy boyfriend Andrew Escalona (Gerald Anderson). When she breaks up with him on air, Andrew threathens to have DJ Heidee investigated and suspended by the KBP not unless she helps him win back his ex-girlfriend.

Here's the thing with "Won't Last A Day Without You" - it's not perfect and it's not that be-all romcom film that changes the game. But what it dares to do differently works well enough to catapult the film into being better than most of the competition. Yes, it still had a tendency to do unnecessary scenes like when Andrew and DJ Heidee first meet at a bar or Andrew showing off his abs but mostly those problems are forgivable and more importantly, forgettable. You'll be having so much fun laughing that you will forget all other shortcomings. What we really liked most about it is its story. It's unique, creative and a breath of fresh air. The movie was well-paced as well. Never did we feel it bog down or did we feel that things were rushed. As for the acting, we really believe that Joey de Leon brought more life to the film. A close second was Sarah Geronimo. She truly showed her versatility in this one. While Gerald Anderson was so-so. He really had a hard time pronouncing local speak and what's up with him forcing a deep voice? It's out of character and weird. All in all, "Won't Last A Day Without You" is a fun film at its core and while it's not the best, you'll stop caring once you laugh your ass off.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the story was fresh and inventive
- Joey de Leon and Sarah Geronimo gave life to the film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- Gerald Anderson was very weak in this one
- still had a tendency to do your typical romcom scenes



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  2. Sarah? She didnt make sense.. Gosh she speaks like she recite a poem.i did not enjoy. Boring movie