No More Hassle in Booking Movie Tickets

As 2012 rolls in, some people may have missed movies 2011 had to offer. Blockbuster movies such as:

The Adventures of Tintin: The Shadow of the Unicorn - Tintin was the epitome of many men's childhood heroes and the comics themselves are as valuable as ever. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson dared to have their own interpretation Tintin on the big screen and the wait was surely worth it. This is one film that best shows how much 3D animation (and motion capture) has moved forward since Toy Story. A masterpiece on visuals alone, the story can stand alone on its own right.

Happy Feet Two - Who could forget Happy Feet, the award-winning animation film from 2006. Five years after, the hit movie released it's sequel. If you saw the first one, you know Mumble couldn’t sing but could dance. Now his son Erik is trying to find his own calling 0- just like his father did when he was young. Though not as good as the first one (music-wise and story-wise), the film holds its own.

New Year's Eve - Much like 2010's Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve had an ensemble cast circled around love. The setting may be different but this film was mostly a rehash of the first film. Although the film was funny, it was too predictable and had too many characters to contend with. If you liked Valentine's Day and you would love New Year's Eve too.

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows - In the second installment of this movie Holmes meets his nemesis Professor James Moriarty. Although the movie was good enough to warrant a watch, it suffered from sequel syndrome. Visually it was better but everything else just felt like a downgrade from the first movie. The potential of Moriarty was completely wasted with simple twists.

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