The Bourne Legacy Teaser Released - No Metro Manila and Palawan Yet

"The Bourne Legacy" has been making waves locally the past month because of the traffic it has been causing all around Metro Manila. Kidding aside, we all know why this is a must-watch film for all Filipinos. Not only because it chose our country to be a huge portion of the movie but the film itself is the continuation of the Bourne series everyone loved so much. The first teaser has just been released but alas, no Metro Manila or Palawan can be seen anywhere. Still, the trailer still kicks-ass with a beat-up Kenneth Keithson (Jeremy Renner) accepting himself into the "program" transforming himself into a super agent spy. We really liked the visual style used and the soundtrack sounding a bit too much like "Inception's" trailer. Not too shabby for a teaser. You can catch it after the jump.

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