MoviePass Introduces Unlimited Viewing Service in the U.S.

Wow. Lucky Americans. MoviePass has just launched their reinvented watch-all-you-can service in America. All you need is an iPhone (Android phones coming soon) and a reloadable card that works at almost all theaters across the U.S. The damage is rated at $30 /month or equivalent to P1,260. If a movie here costs around P180, you'll break even after watching 7 movies. Not bad even in our local set-up what more in the U.S. where ticket prices are definitely higher. Unfortunately, we are not Americans and the service is "invite-only" for now. Of course, there are special rules that may be deal-breakers for some, like no early bookings (just imagine a blockbuster movie release scenario) and 3D or IMAX screenings are excluded. Hopefully this catches on in our local cinemas even if its limited to a certain mall chain.

If MoviePass sounds familiar, we already reported about them but there earlier trial model on unlimited viewing failed.

Source: Engadget
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