How to Find the Best Movies Ever Made

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How do you find the best movies ever made for you?

It’s easy enough to search endless online cinema listings and best movie lists under different genres etc., but tastes are very individual and there are no definitive bests. One man’s meat is another man’s poison as the saying goes, and although thee is a high degree of consensus, you’ve probably already trawled all the top lists – so where do you find new “old” material that you haven’t yet discovered?

The trick is in watching and judging movie clips for yourself and Youtube and other sites like it give us an unprecedented opportunity to do just that. There’s no substitute for experience and if you’re a real film buff, you’ll probably be able to judge a movie by watching just five or ten minutes or so of the movie that’s been recommended to you – whether directly or indirectly.

In this way, Youtube is a wonderful tool and, though there may be a small breach of copyright, it isn’t half as bad as all the illegal downloading going on around the planet. But quickly checking films out on Youtube means we don’t need to waste our hard-earned buying DVDs that are disappointing once we see them.

The problem is that many movies such as undiscovered B movie classics and foreign language films don’t make it onto Youtube (not yet anyway). In these cases, it’s a matter of scouring the lists and reviews for relatively undiscovered gems, seeing what you can find on the web, and then deciding whether or not to take a flier on it.

But it’s well worth the effort as you can pretty much guarantee there are classics out there you’ve never even heard of or discovered, particularly with foreign language films; happy hunting!

This is a sponsored post.

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