Fast & Furious 6: Movie Review

“Fast & Furious 6” feels eerily similar to its predecessors but if you think that’s a bad thing, you are wrong. The sixth iteration brings the same humor, the same crew and most importantly the same intensely fast and furious action sequences that fans of the franchise have grown to love. While we do think the film is far from being as good as “Fast Five”, this sixth try brings enough good things to forgive its flaws.

After the Rio heist, all of Dom’s crew have grown to live secluded lives out of the United States. Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) in particular are in Spain; Dom living with Elena (Elsa Pataky) and Brian fathering a new born child with Dom’s sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster). Their quiet lives are disturbed though; when Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) contacts Dom and informs him that he has a job of a lifetime for him and his crew. He has conclusive proof that Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Dom’s former girlfriend who they thought died, is alive and is with a heist gang led by a certain Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). If they are able to stop Shaw, not only will Dom be able to bring their torn family back together but the whole crew will be pardoned and will be allowed to go back to the United States.

If you think that “Fast & Furious 6” will re-define the franchise into new heights then it will leave you extremely disappointed. The film in fact uses the same elements as before but seems to ramp up everything to obscurity and absurdity. Usually, we are critical of the “realism” of what’s happening on-screen; a thing that “Fast & Furious 6” seems to have forgotten. But given the film’s heart-pounding and nerve-wracking action sequences, we would gladly take fun over realism any the day of the week (and hey, this is an action film). What the film fails to do though is have a compelling enough plot. While the fifth film had the crew going against the cops and drug lords, this time they are against a heist gang (one that is as similar to them). That is where the film injected the idea of family versus efficiency, of having principles versus getting the job done at all costs. A plot device we do feel was either lacking or the film fails to cement the idea into the story. Overall, predictable and lame storyline aside, “Fast & Furious 6” brings action first into the foray which in turn makes this one heck of a fun film.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- action sequences are just crazy absurd and so much fun
- funny one-liners keep the mood fun even when the action stops

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- story was lacking and predictable

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