Hey, Why Not Help This Kickstarter Film Achieve Its Goal? "Lay in Wait" by Jonathan Ade has 10 Days to Go

Jonathan Ade, an independent filmmaker, has his eyes set to accomplish the remaining 1/3 of his Kickstarter project in 10 days. An impossible feat? Nay! With your help of course. Jonathan Ade and his team began pre-production on "Lay in Wait" over a year ago and the film's script was specifically made for its lead actress Elizabeth Olin, an upcoming talent to appear in "Killing Season" next year with greats Robert De Niro and John Travolta. As for the film's synopsis:

Maggie, a young married woman, awakens to the final morning of an extramarital camping trip with her lover. During the drive back home, she is shocked to discover her wedding ring is lost. The couple returns to the forest, and in the entangled thicket of nature, Maggie desperately searches for the symbol of her matrimony. As the day yields into night, the search becomes more and more punishing. What will be lost as the sun sets? And as it rises again, what will remain?

"Lay in Wait" plans to have itself submitted to first-tier festivals across America such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance, South by Southwest (SXSW) and Los Angeles Film Festivals. Oh, and there's still an unclaimed Cameo pledge for those budding stars to look into. This is a promising independent film so why not give a helping hand? Go over to the Kickstarter Page of "Lay in Wait" to find out more details on the project and how you can help.

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