This Is the End: Movie Review

"This Is the End" has everything you'd expect from a comedy and much, much more. When we heard every actor were playing as themselves, we thought that "This Is the End" is definitely doing something new. But seeing the whole thing with cameo upon cameo (even a shocking comeback of a certain boyband group), earthquakes, monsters and even a "trailer" for the "Pineapple Express" sequel - "This Is the End's" premise was just scratching the surface. Crazy, fun, ambitious and most importantly bodacious in scale, "This Is the End" redefines what everyone should expect from a comedy.

Jay Baruchel arrives in L.A. to meet up with his childhood buddy, Seth Rogen. Seth invites Jay to join him in the housewarming party of James Franco. At the party, we see celebrities do drugs, have sex and crazy stuff that are clearly not in line with the Lord's word. Jay, not being comfortable with Seth's new set of friends, decides to buy cigarettes on a convenience store as Seth accompanies him. While on the convenience store, blue beams of lights suck up people into the sky. Seth and Jay are left behind and hurrily goes back to James Franco's house to warn everyone. At first no one believes their crazy story but when the ground opens up and kills most of the celebrities, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson decide that its best to lock themselves up on FRanco's fortress until help arrives. Soon though, they realize that judgement day has come and the only way to save themselves is to do good acts - a thing easier said than done.

"This Is the End" features everything you would expect from a summer blockbuster hit. A parody of sorts, the film will blow you away on how it mocks the things that people consider "entertaining". If you want monsters of all sizes, check. Does gory deaths float your boat? Got it. Do dirty jokes and uncensored humor tickle your funny bone? Yes they definitely have loads of those. Heck, the cameos and all the inside jokes about these Hollywood personas are worth the ticket price alone but seeing an exorcism happen is another thing. You see, "This Is the End" will shock you with how crazy it tends to get. In fact, this film provides surprise after surprise and even the final scene is one for the books. It is this in-your-face crazy that really makes "This Is the End" stand out from the crowd. If you want to have fun and endless laughter, "This Is the End" is a must-watch.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- craziest and shocking film we have seen in years
- the familiar ensemble does not disappoint

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- jokes are crude and dirty so it won't appeal to some for sure

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