'Lights Out' Terrifies with First-Ever Trailer

From producer James Wan comes the new horror film “Lights Out”, a tale of an unknown terror that lurks in the dark. Watch the thriller's first trailer right now. Let's just say it is ultra scary.

When Rebecca left home, she thought she left her childhood fears behind. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn’t real when the lights went out and now her little brother, Martin, is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety. A frightening entity with a mysterious attachment to their mother, Sophie, has re-emerged. But this time, as Rebecca gets closer to unlocking the truth, there is no denying that all their lives are in danger once the lights go out.

The film stars Teresa Palmer as Rebecca; Gabriel Bateman as Martin; Billy Burke as Martin’s father, Paul; Alexander DiPersia as Rebecca’s boyfriend, Bret; and Maria Bello as Sophie. Slated for release across the Philippines on July 21, “Lights Out” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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