Cinematheque Centre Manila Unveils Schedule of "Love Film Screenings" from February 10-15, 2017

Cinematheque Centre Manila - Love Film Screenings
In less than a week, it's going to be Valentine's Day again. It being a day exclusively for couples is a relative opinion is you ask us. Same goes with the emotions connected with February 14. Here's a great idea for couples and singles alike, why not watch a movie celebrating love the Filipino way? Cinematheque Centre Manila and FDCP Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) are holding six days of "Love Film Screenings" showcasing local romance films from recent years. The event will run for six days from February 10-15, 2017. Ticket prices per screening are just a P100 per head so it's also very light on our wallets. Full schedule below:

February 10
7PM - Sleepless

February 11
3PM- Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me
5PM - 1st ko si 3rd
7PM - Sana Dati

February 12
3PM - A Lotto Like Love
5PM - Mga Alaala ng Tag-ulan
7PM - Ang Nawawala

February 13
5PM - Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me
7PM - A Lotto Like Love

February 14
4PM - Ang Nawawala
6PM - Sleepless
8PM - Sana Dati

February 15
5PM - Mga Alaala ng Tag-ulan
7PM - 1st ko si 3rd

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