WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Releases Unabashed DEADPOOL 2 Teaser

Well, shit just got real. Ryan Reynolds has unveiled the teaser for "Deadpool 2" via his Youtube channel yesterday and the result is just what you expect from the Deadpool himself - butt cheeks included. In summary, the three and a half minute trailer features Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) as he witnesses a mugging and tries to change to his Deadpool costume, not unlike a certain superhero who's weak against kryptonite. Sad to say, the end result is not what Deadpool anticipated it to be. Additionally, the teaser had a lot of references and a cameo too so better watch out for those. Catch the aptly-named "No Good Deed" video right now:

No details yet on when the film comes out but we're pretty sure details should come out soon enough.

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