Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7 Review - Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister

“The Lost Sister” is the first episode not to feature Hawkins and its residents and solely features Eleven as she tracks down her lost sister. The result is the most unique and off-beat episode for the series and one of its finest yet.

Eleven has finally been able to track down the little girl from Mama's visions that was with her in the Rainbow Room. She decides to run away again, now to Chicago, and give her sister "008" a visit. She soon discovers though that "008" has her own unique take on how they can use their powers. "008" has been on a vengeful streak, killing all of the employees that abused them as children in the Rainbow Room. While Eleven was hesitant at first, she soon helps her sister track down more employees. Will Eleven find her true home with "008"?

Without spoiling much, this episode has a completely different feel from any “Stranger Things” episode. One of the highlights is its cinematography. The shots were astoundingly great - ripe with neon colors and vistas that really transported us back to an 80s feature film. It doesn’t help that "008's" motley crew are truly freaks themselves in their own unique way. While they did not have powers per se, each one had their own quirk that had us hooked on their back stories. As previously mentioned in previous episode reviews, we feel that Eleven's character has been lost this whole season. Lost in a sense that she has not been integral with her previous friends and whatever the heck is happening at Hawkins. Finally, it had to take her leaving town to find her purpose this season and we're stoked where this is headed to. It also shows that we do not have to be tied down with Hawkins, Indiana to make this show work. In fact, "The Lost Sister" was a breather from Hawkins which is pretty dark and void at this point. Overall, we're excited not only because this was a superb episode but it could also be an indication where the next season/s might be headed to.

Rating: 5 reels

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