LOOK: THROWBACK TODAY Full Trailer and Cinema One Originals Schedule Details

If given a chance, would you want to change your life? This is the premise of "Throwback Today", one of the entries in this year's Cinema One Originals 2017 Film Festival, directed by Joseph Teoxon. The film centers around the character of Carlo Aquino as he logs on to an old messaging client he used back in the day and discovers that he is chatting with his former self. Knowing how his life has turned out, he now believes he has the chance to turn things around. Part sci-fi, part romance, "Throwback Today" has the makings to be something unique and special. The film also stars Empress Schuck, Annicka Dolonius and Kat Galang. Catch the trailer for the film below:

Here's the full Cinema One Originals schedule run for "Throwback Today":
Photos courtesy of Throwback Today Facebook Page

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