Films With A Strong Gambling Influence

Nothing sells quite like the casino lifestyle of high rollers, and that has been shown down the years with the money that has been spent in producing films with a strong gambling influence. They continue to be popular even in this modern-day, with many people hoping to take motivation from a movie before betting with

However, which films are the most popular films that have this gambling influence? Let’s explore.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story
Perhaps one of the best gambling films of all-time is High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story. The biopic follows the life of Stu Ungar, who is the only poker player in history to have won three WSOP Main event tournaments. The film isn’t your typical gambling infused film and instead shows the breakdown of a man who once had everything. The film follows his life from beginning to end and is told by Michael Imperioli in the fateful hotel room in Las Vegas. The film shows his majestic highs as well as tragic lows. He is still renowned as one of the best poker and gin players to have ever graced a table, and this film is a must-watch for anybody who is a fan of a biopic. It is as devastating as it is entertaining.

Everybody that has been to university has been tempted by the prospect of wagering their university fees, and Rounders plays along those lines. The film stars Matt Damon, who plays a young entrepreneur who pays for university life by winning big at the poker table. Rounders also stars Edward Norton and John Malkovich.

The final scenes in the film take place in a high tense poker game with Malkovich playing the character standing in the way of Damon winning the massive money. Norton is also brilliant throughout, and the film is worth seeing just because of the performances from the three actors mentioned. The aspect that the film does fantastically well is depicting the strategy that takes place at a poker table. Rounders achieves that while many other films fall short.

It’s very rare that one film could make it into most people’s top ten of all-time, but that is precisely what this classic does. Casino is the tale of mob-controlled gambling in Las Vegas and stars Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. The prior mentioned De Niro is the casino owner that has ties to the mafia, while Pesci plays the aggressive and erratic enforcer for the mob. Pesci’s characters antics begin to unravel the lives of both characters throughout the film.

Sharon Stone’s performance in the film went onto win critical acclaim as well as an Academy Award, and with some of the best shot movie scenes in the history of film, it isn’t a surprise that this classic is timeless. Fans of Casino were thrilled to learn that Martin Scorsese will once again be teaming up with De Niro and Pesci for another mobster thriller titled ‘The Irishman’ to be released later in the year. It’s almost impossible that the upcoming release will disappoint.

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