Church & State: Movie Review

"Church & State" was a well-balanced experience presenting both sides of the coin in a mostly unbiased light. In the end, it's a great story that lacked some key details on how the impossible dream was ultimately won by a small group of people against a religiously-tied decision-makers.
Utah has been a conservative state due to the close relationship between the Church (Church of the Latter Day Saints) and its political figureheads. But back in 2013, a small group of LGBT advocates defied all odds as they sued the State and its enforcement of Amendment 3 - that defined marriage as a union exclusively between a man and a woman. This is their story on how they faced the issue head on and attained what they thought impossible.

As they say, revolutions start small. This is the same narrative that "Church & State" uncovers how one small man tried to defy an amendment that ostracized a small group of people - in this case the LGBT community. The documentary itself was well-paced as it details the inner workings of how they defended against the State of Utah and the Church of Latter Day Saints. As in real-life, nothing is black or white and "Church & State" was able to show the other side of the coin or at least show the basic logic and premise of the LDS and the State of Utah on the topic of same-sex marriage. It also showed that there will be consequences to one's action like the falling out that happened between the members of the original group who upheld their convictions and rights as part of the LGBT community. Overall though, "Church & State" falters in its last portion as it never really showed much detail on the last proceedings in which the LGBT community won. The documentary needed a half hour or so to be really be substantial. In any case, "Church & State" is a good one and a half hour spent with a tale with twists and turns, interesting people, and an inspiring story to boot.
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- an inspiring documentary

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the last portion felt rushed and incomplete

"Church & State" is now available as a DVD release and VOD.

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