Adan: Movie Review

We hoped that "Adan" was not going to settle heavily to its lustful nature but sadly the film decided to be just that- all erotica and nothing else.
Ellen (Rhen Escaño) has been trapped in the mountains with her father all her life. Now that she's growing older and discovering new desires, she wants to be free from her simple life. To achieve this, she gets help from her close and childhood friend Marian (Cindy Miranda). The task won't be easy and at what lengths are they willing to sacrifice to achieve Len's goal?
We rarely get to experience locally-made erotic films nowadays and beyond the obvious economic reason that R-rated films get very limited releases, "Adan" is proof why we shouldn't even be bothered by their absence. The film is purely skin deep with a hollow and shallow narrative that barely has any substance. The story itself felt basic in every sense of the word and one that anyone could have penned without much effort. While Rhen Escaño and Cindy Miranda were both stunning and sexy, same as its story, they struggled to act well just beyond looking beautiful. There were scenes that, to be frank, made us cringe and both felt they needed acting lessons especially Rhen. The only good thing about the film was its cinematography and its no-holds-barred and explicit approach. We won't deny that we were constantly surprised with how raunchy the whole experience was. In the end, "Adan" felt like a movie out of place. It may look modern but its innards and structure are decades old. What a shame as it could have been more progressive with its themes than being just a glorified erotic film.
Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it
- beautiful cinematography
- surprisingly explicit

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- has no story or substance whatsoever
- acting was shockingly bad
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