WATCH: Tom Hanks Returns to World War II in GREYHOUND Trailer

One of the best known performances from Tom Hanks was the World War II film "Saving Private Ryan". Now, two decades after, Tom Hanks is returning to another role featuring the second World War. This time, he will be on the seas. In a thrilling story inspired by actual events, from a screenplay by Tom Hanks, a first-time captain leads a convoy of allied ships carrying thousands of soldiers across the treacherous waters of the “Black Pit” in the Atlantic to the front lines of World War II. With no air cover protection for five days, the captain and his convoy must battle the surrounding enemy Nazi U-boats in order to give the allies a chance to win the war. The film, "Greyhound" is directed by Aaron Schneider and based on the novel “The Good Shepherd” by C. S. Forester. The film stars Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan and Elisabeth Shue. Watch the first international trailer of Columbia Pictures’ new action thriller "Greyhound" scheduled to release in Philippine cinemas this June:

"Greyhound" is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Join the conversation with #GreyhoundMovie and tag columbiapicph
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