SINEPANGHALINA Features Three Horror Shorts Definitely Worth Your Time

If you've got about a half hour to spare then the three horror shorts from a young group of filmmakers is very much worth your time. The group, called Sinepanghalina, has been making multi-awarded short films for the past four years. Their aim is to not only make quality and socially-relevant horror films for Filipino viewers but also international audiences. Luckily for us, the group just recently made three horror shorts available online for free via their 

While the three shorts were wonderfully-made, our easy favorite would be "Ma?" which gave us undeniable thrills and chills. You can read more about each short below:

Title: Bisperas
An hour before new year comes, a family's year-ender celebration gets disrupted by an unexpected, tragic incident.

Starring Jennifer Dadivas, Ronald Regala, Pau Benitez, Aaron Quizon, and Chrysler Petecio.


Title: Dungaw
Lea, finds herself in unsolicited solice from an eerie professor in one of her school's comfort rooms.

Starring Dennise Concepcion, Trechelle Ras, and Jack Frankiko.


Title: Ma?
Andre looks for his disappointed mother, who disappeared in their house during a blackout.

Starring Antonio Collantes and Aileen Sahibad.


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