WATCH: THE MISSING Full Trailer Starring Joseph Marco, Ritz Azul, and Miles Ocampo

Finally, things are going back to normal even for local production companies as Regal Entertainment, Inc. has released today the full trailer for its upcoming horror film "The Missing" starring Joseph Marco, Ritz Azul, and Miles Ocampo. The film's synopsis is as follows: Iris (Ritz Azul) helps her former boyfriend, Job (Joseph Marco), in restoring a house in Japan. They also meet a Filipino intern named Len (Miles Ocampo). As soon as they arrive, Iris experiences hauntings from ghosts and eventually learns about the dark secrets connected to the house. The film was originally slated to release as part of the Summer MMFF but delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic. The film is directed by Easy Ferrer who also directed the romance drama film "Finding You". Catch the full trailer for "The Missing" below:
From Regal Entertainment, the film is still labeled as "coming soon" - but it would most likely depend on how the country will handle the pandemic in the coming weeks. Let's hope for the best.
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