Three Words to Forever: Movie Review

“Three Words to Forever” had its key dramatic moments that moved us and Cathy Garcia-Molina certainly knew how to play with the emotions of her audience. Unfortunately, there’s no denying that “Three Words to Forever” is another generic romance drama affair - presenting few and far between fresh ideas to make it stand out. Ultimately, it puts the outstanding performances of its cast to waste. 
When her grandfather (Freddie Webb) and grandmother (Liza Lorena) plan to renew their vows to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary at their hometown in Ormoc, Tin (Kathryn Bernardo) and her boyfriend Kyle (Tommy Esguerra) decide to go back to the Philippines from New York to celebrate the special occasion with her relatives. Also arriving are her parents Rick (Richard Gomez) and Cristy (Sharon Cuneta). All this time, Tin has seen her grandparents and parents as role models when it comes to love and marriage. But this is far from the truth her parents have been on the rocks and have decided to have a separation right before the reunion. Can her parents still mend their broken relationship as they fake their love for each other in front of everyone else? Can Tin find the real answer to a long-lasting relationship? 

 If there's one thing that we can positively say about "Three Words to Forever", it would be its primary message on marriage. Being a married couple ourselves, the film's portrayal of marriage doesn't root itself in a fantastical one and it certainly felt more down-to-earth and real than what we typically experience from local films. While some may still see it as too positive or ideal in its eventual conclusion, in our opinion, it was more rooted on how Filipinos see marriage as something sacred and unbreakable. In essence, while the story has faults, it's probably culturally limited by its target audience. The biggest issue we had in the film was actually it's ebb and flow. Simply put, you'll certainly know what will happen from scene to scene. There are literally no surprises here and overall, the narrative just felt pedestrian compared to the actual potential of its ideas. What salvages the film for us were the powerful performances from its cast. There was something about their portrayals that impacted us when it needed our emotions the most. At the end of the day, "Three Words to Forever" will lack that extra punch to make it memorable but it will certainly move you while you're watching it. 

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it: 
- great acting saved a pretty pedestrian experience 

Why you shouldn't watch it: 
- the story is generic and wastes the potential of its premise
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