WATCH: BOYETTE (NOT A GIRL YET) Official Trailer Starring Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual - Streaming November 27, 2020

Star Cinema has released the official trailer of its next and upcoming digital movie release with "Boyette" (Not a Girl Yet) starring Maris Racal, Inigo Pascual and Zaijan Jaranilla. The film is directed by Jumbo Albano. The film revolves around Boyette who just enters college but finds out that his old friend Charles is actually a homophobe. This forces Boyette to "man up" and hide his real sexual orientation which leads to interesting results. 

"Boyette" will be released worldwide on November 27, 2020 on (, Iwant TFC(, Cignal PPV (, and Sky Cable PPV ( and to be distributed by CineXpress. Pricing is the same for all platforms at P150. You can catch the trailer of "Boyette" below:
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