Below Zero (Bajocero): Movie Review

"Below Zero" was conventional and even predictable most of the way but we won't deny that it still kept us entertained from first minute to last. While it doesn't provide anything new, it was effective in bringing tension and surprises in its most critical moments.
Police Officer Martin (Javier Gutierrez) is detailed to do a prisoner transfer later that night. Partnering up with him is another police officer, Montesino. The transfer seems to go well at first but when the lead police car suddenly disappears and the transfer truck that Martin is driving suddenly punctures all of its tires, it is obvious that someone is trying to hijack the transfer - for whatever reason. Can Martin and the other prisoners band together stop the unforeseen threat in their midst?
You could literally say that "Below Zero" is a barebones action film. The whole film happens inside a truck most of the time and that in itself was a challenge. But films like "Speed" proved that you really don't need spectacular scenes to make an action film tick and "Below Zero" luckily falls into that category. For us, it was its story and pacing that really drove the film into watchable territory. The story wasn't really new and it was very predictable but the way it developed made each scene full of tension and thrill. But the film never really gelled together from end to end. The first act was interesting as a setup, the middle act slightly falters while the third act provided a surprisingly emotional and psychological twist to the story that sadly just came out of nowhere. Overall, "Below Zero" provides a solid thriller that ain't special but ain't bad either. It's just okay cinema to waste an afternoon away.
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- pacing was great
- the third act provided an emotional and psychological twist 

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- generic and predictable
- it felt silly and illogical at times 

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