Samsung Introduces "Do-It-All" Monitors for Work, Play, Learn, and Binge-Watching in One Neat Package

Being a "do-it-all" ourselves (do-it-all meaning we love to game, watch, and work on computer screens the whole day), we know how hard it is to use one solution for these major tasks. A computer monitor may be perfect for work and gaming but not so much when it comes watching content. A big-screen television may provide wonders for watching content and gaming but isn't really conducive in reading emails or editing content like Photoshop. This also doesn't include the added accessories you must have to make all of these work like a laptop or desktop and even a separate entertainment unit to make your monitor or television "smart". Luckily, Samsung has answered the plight of many, as we have all been forced to work from home and  to adjust to our at-home devices the past year, as it introduces their latest technological breakthrough, designed for both young professionals and students alike, the new Samsung Smart Monitor series
The world’s first “Do-It-All” screen, the Samsung Smart Monitor is highly adept in meeting all types of demands for work, entertainment, learning, gaming, and just about anything in between - and it even works without the need for a PC. 
The Samsung Smart Monitor is loaded with productivity features such as Remote Access, Office 365, and Samsung DeX. Remote Access allows users to have full access to their office PC or laptop via the Internet. With Office 365, documents and presentations can be viewed, edited, and saved in the cloud, while with Samsung DeX, Samsung Galaxy phone users will be able to easily connect with the Smart Monitor and open a desktop workspace. 
The Samsung Smart Monitor also comes fully equipped with a slew of entertainment features in an easy to navigate hub for Netflix, YouTube, and other Smart TV apps, including AirPlay 2, Tap View, App Casting, and Screen Mirroring. It comes with a remote controller, a built-in speaker, and voice assistance through Bixby. Its versatility is also uncompromised as it comes with a USB type-C port on the 32” UHD M7 model, alongside other USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. So, not only is it a flexible work and study monitor, it also serves as a full entertainment hub for the whole family.       
When it comes to e-learning, the Samsung Smart Monitor also has impressive features including Adaptive Picture which recognizes its surroundings and provides the best viewing experience possible, as the display automatically adjusts its backlight brightness by using ambient light sensors, thus reducing eye strain. I 
The Samsung Smart Monitor comes in three sizes and configurations: a 27” Full HD monitor priced at P18,999; 32” Full HD monitor priced at P22,999; and a 32” Ultra High-Definition (UHD) monitor priced at P28,999. The main advantage of the UHD can be seen in its crisp clear picture clarity. It has four times more pixel density and can provide a workspace four times larger, than Full HD, while only taking up the same physical space. It will be available in all major retail outlets starting March 5, 2021.    

From March 5 to 31, 2021, early-bird buyers of the Samsung Smart Monitor will get a premium Logitech MK120 keyboard and mouse set worth P1,000, plus a 1-year premium subscription to video streaming provider, Viu, 

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