Slaxx: Movie Review

Silly and over-the-top, "Slaxx" was enjoyable at times. Especially seeing a literal pair of jeans murder, converse, and even dance with humans was really amusing. The concept itself had a lot of potential but admittedly the execution and narrative not so much.
One of the trendiest brands in the world is about to release their new pair of jeans. What makes this product different is that it is able to conform to the owner's body - no sizes needed. Big or small, the jeans will eventually fit to your body shape. Even better, the company touts that the jeans themselves were developed following stringent fairtrade policies. On the eve of the launch, the staff of the flagship store is put on complete lockdown - no one can gp in or go out - as they prep up the store for the crowds the next morning. But when a possessed pair of jeans comes to life, it wreaks carnage on the staff eating them up one-by-one. The reasons for this "possession" of sorts will unveil the true and real evil behind it.
It's pretty clear from the get-go what "Slaxx" is gunning for. In our world of brand power, deceitful marketing, and consumerism, anything labeled and pushed as "responsible" must always be taken with a grain of salt. Your shiny new gadget may look clean, expensive and premium but you never really know what it went through to be produced. That's the sad reality of our world. And yet most of us are duped. This is the primary message "Slaxx" is gunning for and in that regard, the film was quite successful. It will be thought-provoking not only in the aspects of consumerism but also on how we idolize and perceive luminaries in our world and maybe even shady labor practices and morals. For us though, the weakest parts of "Slaxx" was its writing and lack of scares. The writing itself had a lot of crazy in it but it also had a lot of logical headscratchers that forced the story and the characters within it in a particular direction. As for its horror, it was going to be a momentous task to make possessed jeans to be scary and the film, as predicted, failed. We were amused and entertained but never really scared but at least it had acceptable gore.
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- silly and fun in a good way

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- to be honest, it didn't really have any scares to offer

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