Tililing: Movie Review

To say that "Tililing" is a pointless waste of time is purely hating on it. Because in fact, it has a point and to be honest, it was delivered in the most simple abd unimaginative way possible. The film's real problems stem on its delivery - why does it need to be handled in a haphazard and shocking manner? And was this approach the best and right way to do it? The simple answer is no.
Three interns (Candy Pangilinan, Yumi Lacsamana, Donnalyn Bartolome) are assigned on their first shift at a mental institution. By chance they are left on their own as the other doctors and nurses are attending a convention. When the lone security guard at the facility suddenly dies, he accidentally releases the patients from their rooms and puts the whole institution on lockdown in the process. Without a way out, the interns are forced to mingle, get to know, and even work with the most notorious patients (Baron Geisler, Gina Pareno, Chad Kinis) within the facility to survive.
In the middle portion of "Tililing", we get to see Darryl Yap's point and maybe even talent as a director and writer. The film surprisingly had a scene or two of enlightenment wherein it found its groove and we found ourselves enjoying and connecting with the film. Sadly, this was fleeting at best because right after that, the film goes back to being a messy and offensive experience that it actually was most of the it's runtime. At its core, the film tries hard to be funny but fails mostly. Jokes don't hit their mark and we found ourselves rolling our eyes to its nonsensical dirty jokes. And you'll really question the motivations of Darryl Yap for putting these in the film. Are these here for the sake of substance and art (even though we didn't really got his points) or merely to be controversial and talked about? To be honest, we would hate to think it was the latter but it certainly came off that way. The narrative of the film wasn't chronological which felt pointless. Worse it actually came off as a ploy to hide its blatant narrative deficiencies and as a filler material to extend the film's runtime. The best parts of the film would be Gina Pareno and Baron Geisler. But their strong performances ultimately, while moving at times, simply all goes to waste. Overall, "Tililing" isn't the worse film out there but it also doesn't justify its existence. Even as a standalone dark comedy film without all the controversies around it, it simply fails to be effective.
Rating: half reel

Why you should watch it:
- had strong performances from its veteran actors but completely goes to waste as this is a pointless film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- tries to hide its narrative deficiencies by using a non-chronological style
- this film wasn't funny even and doesn't justify its existence

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