Fatherhood: Movie Review

We didn't expect much coming into "Fatherhood". From the get-go, it had this generic vibe to it that would probably leave us more or less stoic to its existence. But "Fatherhood" had some genuine surprises and it will probably hit the right notes with the right audience watching it.
A care-free and childish Matthew Logelin (Kevin Hart) is about to become a father with his wife Liz. With some minor hiccups during Liz's pregnancy, their baby needs to be delivered prematurely. The operation proves to be successful and the baby comes out healthy. As the Logelins are about to go home, Liz suddenly experiences a pulmonary embolism and dies. Now widowed, Matthew struggles to not only cope with his wife's sudden death but also with raising his newborn daugther on his own.
We haven't really seen Kevin Hart in a drama film before so seeing him in "Fatherhood" was amusing and amazing at the same time. While his performance wasn't award-winning in anyway, he was able to provide a well-balanced, subdued, funny at the right moments performance overall. Honestly speaking though, Lil Rel Howery stole the show in terms of his undeniable comedic flair. He was just awesome in his support role. As for the film's narrative, it was the film's biggest limiting factor in our opinion. The overall story was purposefully good-natured and family-friendly that there are no hard-hitting conflicts for our characters to critically latch on. This means that while there will be dramatic highs, the build-up to these were simply lacking. Overall, "Fatherhood" brings the essentials into the fray but doesn't do anything special. It's as basic as you can imagine it to be and that's actually okay.   
Rating: 3 reels


Why you should watch it:
- surprisingly well-rounded performance from Kevin Hart
- Parents will definitely find a dramatic touchpoint in the film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the narrative was subdued and a bit too basic for our taste
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