Singapore’s Best TV Actor Christopher Lee Back After Almost Two Decades in iQiyi’s original Taiwanese drama “DANGER ZONE”

iQiyi’s first prison-themed Chinese language series “Danger Zone” stars Vic Chou, Sandrine Pinna, Wu Hsing-kuo, Christopher Lee, Berant Zhu, Tseng Chin-hua, and Teresa Daley. It will be the first drama to be formatted into chapters. The entire drama will be 24 episodes and will be split into two chapters of 12 episodes each, “In the Dark Night” and “The Silver Lining”.

“In the Dark Night” will feature the three male leads, Vic Chou, Christopher Lee, and Berant Zhu. These three men with vastly different personalities and identities are destined to become a team in the face of a dark mystery and danger.
“The Silver Lining” will be a continuation of the mystery from the first chapter. It will depict the dark personalities hidden within the light and the process of how the characters discover the truth despite everything going against them.

After close to 20 years, Singapore’s Best TV Actor Christopher Lee plays a police officer once again.  To play his wild and unrestrained character, Captain Tan in the drama, he tries pulling off a shoulder-length hairstyle and a mustache for the first time, showing the audience a sloppy look that is rarely seen from him. Christopher Lee will also show off his award-winning acting skills, switching into different modes as he chases after criminals and investigates cases. Christopher Lee describes his character and expresses, “One minute I’m a lion and the next minute, I’m pretending to be crazy. It’s like I’m a mad dog who bites at the sight of something wrong.”
“Danger Zone” will start streaming on September 3, 2021 with new episodes dropping every Friday, exclusively on iQiyi in 191 countries all around the world.
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