Malignant: Movie Review

It's been awhile since we had so much fun with a horror movie. James Wan promised something new and it's definitely new with what we get in "Malignant". It's the kind of weird that's great, awesome and most importantly memorable.
Madison has always had problems with pregnancies so much so that she has had two miscarriages in a span of three years. For no reason at all, her babies suddenly die in her womb. It doesn't help that she is in an abusive relationship. One day, her partner bangs her head on the wall during a fight. This not only causes her physical harm but also leads to shocking and vivid visions of grisly murders that paralyzes her during these bouts. Her torment doesn't end there as she soon discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities caused by an entity calling himself Gabriel.
Halfway through "Malignant", we were kinda getting worried. Serious thoughts of "Is this really it?" was running through our minds as the film struggled under the weight of its twist. It also doesn't help that we were expecting something familiar from the film. This is a James Wan horror film so we were expecting the usual drill. But "Malignant" turned out to be a different beast altogether and its like an amped up M. Night Shyamalan flick with a crazy yet awesome twist. 
But the road to get to the twist was kinda rough if we're being completely honest as the film had a hard time balancing the tug of war between its supernatural elements against its slasher bits. Fret not though, because once the real twist was unveiled, the film suddenly made a lot of sense. It's the kind of revelation that just solves every question in one clean sweep which is a rare and impressive feat. A word of warning though, if you want something closer to the likes of "The Conjuring" then "Malignant" won't be the film for you. But if you want something fresh, something surprising and something unconventional, then this film serves it up on a silver platter.
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- James Wan promised fresh and this is definitely something new and amazing altogether
- The twist just solves every mystery in one sweep

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- The first half was rough and slow
- If you want all out supernatural horror then this film isn't for you

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