Senseless, dirty-minded, and sex-fueled, "Izla" is the type of film that makes you cringe as the film banks on a type of comedy that should have never been resurrected in the first place. It has no redemptive values and a story that could have been written by anyone out of their ass. 
Two brothers who work at a hotel have two distinct beliefs in life. One of them (Paolo Contis) aspires to dream big and make it big while the other one is pragmatic and content with life as long as both of them are together. But their debts are piling up and when popular vloggers the V Sisters decide to hire them to go to the forbidden island in their province, the two know that this is their only real chance they have to become rich. As soon as they arrive in the island, mysterious things start to happen and discover why the island is forbidden in the first place.
We actually had hope that "Izla" could have turned out to be an awesome B-movie in the making. The first few scenes were funny and even creative in terms of laughs and presentation. But all of these were soon dashed as things got exponentially and ridiculously bad. In a growing trend for local films since the pandemic began,  quality is being compromised with a drive to center experiences on sex and sexiness. "Izla" is no exception as it banks on dirty joke upon dirty joke to make its audiences entertained. Well, that audience will be limited to a certain age group and gender while most will probably find its content corny, unfunny, creepy, and even offensive. It's the kind of content that we never expected to see being listed on Netflix but here we are. Outside its unsatisfying comedy, the film has little to offer audiences too. There's literally no scares and the make up and production values just looks ridiculous. Unsurprisingly, the writing was as bad as it could have been as the film is a scatter-brained affair pushing numeroues plot points out of thin air. Sadly, "Izla" should never have been made in the first place and it's the kind of film that just leaves a dirty taste in the mouth.
Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you like dirty jokes then this might be the kind of film for you

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story was a mess
- the comedy wasn't our style and most of the jokes were corny and offensive
- there's no scares here   
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