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Back in 2013, "On the Job" was one of those films that struck a chord to us. Not only was it different from the typical crop of local films, not only was it stylish and action-packed, but it gave a peek into the underbelly of Philippine politics. No one really knows if it was real but it felt like it could happen in real life - which shows how we feel about politicicans in this country. 8 years after, we get "On the Job" as a mini-series combining the first film and the second film ("On the Job: The Missing 8") as a six episode series. Overall, it works and impresses but there's no denying that it was an incomplete story that will leave most disappointed with the end.
Unknown to most, there are syndicates, to ensure that their crimes will never be traced back to them, release prisoners out of jail and have them do their dirty deeds. Most of these jobs are assasination attempts and these syndicates are actually headed by powerful politicians. "On the Job" explores the lives of the politicians, the criminals, and the people caught in the middle of these immoral power plays.
We understand why "On the Job" the mini-series included the first "On the Job" film (as Episodes 1 and 2) but to be honest, it felt unnecessary. The reason is simple - the two films, while using the same basic premise of prisoners as assassins, was barely connected from each other. On top of that, with almost a decade gap from each, Philippine politics in general has evolved and so were the actual stories within each film. So expect a huge jump and shock when you transition from Episodes 2 to 3. Aside from that issue of these films not really gelling together as a mini-series, another issue for us was overall narrative for "The Missing 8". The story of Sisoy Salas as the main protagonist in "The Missing 8" was astounding and moving. John Arcilla delivered as the conflicted radio journalist who has to peddle lies or publish the truth. But that ending was rushed, threw logic out the door, and ended on a huge cliffhanger. It was frustrating for us as we invested so much in his character only to be left in the dust in the hopes that there will be another movie or series in the future. It's not an open-ended ending but one that has no ending at all. Overall though, the series was still thought-provoking and stylish as ever. "The Missing 8" wasn't as clean and clear as "On the Job" but this still paints a bleak and eye-opening picture on what could really be happening behind closed doors. 
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- gripping and thought-provoking especially on the possible "reality" of Philippine politics

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story isn't complete and ends on a huge cliffhanger
- with the series heavily-leaning on "The Missing 8", the first two episodes based on the first film doesn't gel well
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