The Matrix Resurrections: Movie Review

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Self-aware, self-conscious and meta, we weren't really sure what the "The Matrix Resurrections" was gunning for. But what we're sure of is that this sequel to the original trilogy wasn't our cup of tea. It's not the worst Matrix film put there but it also isn't great and it continues the trend of high-falluting concepts that will take audiences quite awhile to really understand and comprehend. 
Sixty years after Neo (Keanu Reeves) after the events of the first trilogy, the truce between men and machines are now gone. In its place is a version of the Matrix that seemingly have resurrected versions of Thomas Anderson and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) - now calling herself Tiffany. As rumors spread that Neo and Trinity are actually alive, a rag tag crew attempts the impossible - extract Neo from the Matrix and jumpstart a new kind of revolution.
"The Matrix" blew our minds when it released more than two decades ago. Not only was the rabbit hole different, timely and contemporary but it defined and changed the action genre in more ways than one. From bullet time to acrobatic feats, the original film showed dynamic creativity that made it legendary. And here we are in present time and "The Matrix Resurrections" is literally resurrecting a film franchise back from the grave. Unfortunately, the end result isn't as impactful, isn't as fun, and isn't as earth-shaking as the first film. What we get is a mix of old and new, closer to the second and third films combined, and pretty soulless in our opinion.
The first half for us was pretty weird. It being meta and all was part fan service and part making fun of why we have a fourth film. We wanted to get into it but we just couldn't. The action was just okay. At least the CGI has evolved to be less obvious but expect it to come off as less dynamic and less fun overall. Finally, the writing was just okay. We liked how it tried to explain how The Analyst found out a better way to utilize energy through human emotions but everything else was too much for us. Overall, there's just this continuous sense of corniness and over-the-hill push for "The Matrix Resurrections" to work and it ended up pushing the agenda in the opposite direction. And while it hurts us to say this but they shouldn't have resurrected this film franchise with this version and form.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- decent action but never reaches the heights of "The Matrix"
- we cannot deny that seeing Neo and Trinity again wasn't nostalgic

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- we didn't like the self-referential nature of the film
- doesn't really justify why we needed to resurrect this film franchise from the grave

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