All of Us Are Dead Series Review

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"All of Us Are Dead" hits most of the right notes when it comes to bringing in a balanced mix of mystery, horror, teen drama, romance, and even some comedy. The series is longer than your typical Netflix affair and it shows. While it's not perfect for sure, "All of Us Are Dead" was still one enjoyable and binge-inducing series from Netflix. In short, this was a winner.
Hyosan High School is your typical high school. There are the bullies, the geeks, the popular kids and pretty much every kind of kid in between. The science professor's son unfortunately has been tagged as one of the losers and have been targetted heavily by bullies. To help his son become more brave, the professor experiments to extract a serum for aggression. But it fails and starts an outbreak instead. As if high school life couldn't be more difficult, the students now have to deal with an unstoppable zombie outbreak in their midst. Can a ragtag group of Juniors find a way out of their school and survive?
We have mixed feelings about the format of "All of Us Are Dead". On one hand, the series was able to explain most if not all of its mysteries. This includes the origins of the virus and everything else in between. It definitely felt a lot more satisfying than your typical zombie series (ehem, "The Walking Dead"). On the other hand though, it felt that it chewed a little too much in terms of scope and as a whole this felt a little too long. The series had 60-minute episodes and at 12 episodes long, this needed to be trimmed down to the typical 10-episode format from Netflix in our opinion. We won't deny that we got burned out in the latter portions of the show as certain elements became repetitive (how many times can one particular character "fall to their death" for example?) In terms of its scope, there are characters that seemed to have had trivial roles. For example, there was a student who was pregnant and bore a baby during the zombie outbreak. Her role felt important on the onset but the series didn't know where to put her story and we get almost nothing in terms of context. We knew what they were gunning for here in terms of thought-provking material but it really came out as forced and unnecessary.
What we loved though was the series' excellent pacing in ending each episode on massive cliffhangers and that no one is really safe from becoming the undead. The show was exemplary when it came to its ability to be truly shocking as it delivered gasp-inducing material on each episode. And it's was a huge plus that even with its high school setting, this was a blood-filled affair and the series doesn't pull any punches when it comes to its gore. Overall, we highly-recommend you give "All of Us Are Dead" a shot. It has unique material when it comes to its zombies and it has everthing else in between in check.    
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- brings in a balanced mix of intrigue, drama, romance, and comedy
- no one is safe and there will be shock-inducing moments in this series

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the series needed some trimming in terms of length
- it had some weird side characters that felt important but went nowhere
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