Marry Me: Movie Review

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We won't deny it, "Marry Me" was the kind of film you know should have turned out to be extremely trash. But here we are and we admit that this "different" kind of film and narrative caught us off guard. Yes, its premise sounds ridiculous and while watching the film, it still turned out to be extremely ridiculous. And yet, the feel-good vibe and great on-screen chemistry between Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez had us smiling and cheering most of the way - as ridiculous as that might sound.
Kat Valdez (Jennnifer Lopez) is half of the sexiest celebrity power couple on Earth with her parter Bastian (Maluma). As the two are about to officially get married in front of their fans in a huge concert, Kat discovers that Bastian had been having sexual affairs with her assistant. In a spur of  emotions and a meltdown on-stage, Kat suddenly proposes to the divorced high-school math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson). Feeling bad for Kat, he accepts her crazy proposal. As the two different worlds of the two intermix, can they both find love in the craziest and illogical of circumstances?
As the character of Jennifer Lopez, Kat Valdez, says in the film, "If you want something different you have to try something different." And this holds true with the writing and overall vibe within "Marry Me". This jolt of variety wasn't really believable or even plausible but the simple chemistry between our leads meant that much of the film's outrageous scenarios were completly forgivable and forgettable. But beyond its silly romcom roots, the film actually tackled a lot of relevant topics indirectly especially the negative and positive impacts of social media, woman empowerment, and even the glamorous and unglamorous lifestyles of the mega famous. Another thing that really surprised us was the film's soundtrack. These new songs were all in-tune to what was happening on-screen and each one could easily become hits outside the film. It defeinitely brought some life and emotion to a journey that most of us already knew what the outcome would be. Could "Marry Me" mean that romcoms are coming back? If this is the first salvo in a new era of romcoms, then this was a refreshing and upbeat take on a genre mostly missing in Hollywood. 

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- there was great chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson
- this movie made us smile and happy
- the soundtrack was actually awesome

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- its predictable and simple
- its ridiculous and some might find it too crazy to be enjoyable
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